Laser Engraving and Sandcarving

Laser Etching & Engraving

Fully custom laser engraved and laser cut acrylic award on custom laser engraved base.

Laser etching or laser engraving materials such as leather, card stock, acrylic, anodized aluminum, painted metals, glass, and laserable plastics is possible with our CO2 laser.  The process can be used to mark products, promotional items, or personalize items.  We can also etch or engrave acrylic, wood, and laserable plastics that can be laser cut to the finished shape and size.  It can also be complimented by our sandcarving process.

Laser Cutting

Fully custom acrylic award on custom base featuring laser engraving and laser cut shapes on a custom laser engraved base.

Laser cutting can be done on all the laserble materials that can be laser etched or laser engraved, with the exception of glass and metals.  We can laser cut just about any shape and size as long as the material fits in the laser bed and is safe for laser engraving.  We can laser cut most woods and acrylics up to 1/4" thick.


Glass set with a sandcarved pineapple design.

Sandcarving is exceptionally great on glass, leaving a nice frosted look.  We can sandcarve stainless steel tumblers and koozies.  We can paint fill the sandcarved areas to create colored logos on wood, acrylic, glass, stainless steel, and other surfaces.  We can also sandcarve wood signs, among other materials leaving a nice engraving.