Doc Band Wraps And Cranial Helmet Wraps

Yes, we wrap cranial helmets!  Kids with placiocephaly should be comfortable with their helmet during treatment.  Not just as a comfortable fit, but with the look of the helmet too.  We think that affected children shouldn't be subjected to a plain, boring helmet.  Instead, we provide a  FREE wrap option.  If you are out of state and wish to have us get one to you, we'll cover the shipping cost.  We can customize your child's Doc Band wrap with a custom wrap to suit your child's personality!   To schedule a cranial helmet wrap, just contact us.  We'll go over your ideas and direction and get it drawn up!  The best stage is right after you receive the helmet during the beginning of treatment while your child is getting used to the helmet and not wearing it all day.  This way, it shouldn't affect the required time of wearing the helmet for treatment.  We know this is an important piece of equipment, so we handle the helmets with the upmost care.

Don't have an affected child, but would still like to give back or help out?  We do accept donations that are directed specifically towards helping us keep the program going.  Just contact us or see the PayPal link below.  There are many kids and parents who greatly appreciate your generosity to help make them more comfortable out in public during their treatment periood. 

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